Wednesday, July 1, 2009


7 years ago I would listen to this song over and over and over. I was lost, confused, depressed and only had faith. Faith that my life had a purpose greater then me.I was going to do something beautiful for God. 18 - 25 years of age was the desert of my life. I was seeking, hungry and had no mentors. I would go to coffee shops for hours reading books hoping that the course I was taking was the right one.

Today I can say I am unfolding so rapidly I love my life and all the blessings I have received. I am eternally grateful.

Today I have moved to a new Certainty that comes from my hearts of hearts. I am Certain that we as a community will build a brighter present and future. I am certain that we can make today brighter by bringing life to the lifeless. I am ready I am ready I am fine............

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Lion Heart said...

...beautiful song!