Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Doing the Impossible

103 Jeremy Thiel 16 (42:17.6) 1 (505) 27 (01:13.3) 46 (07:05.2) 13 (13:23.1) 5 (215) 10 (98) None DNF 16 (118)

The Crossfit Games 2009 are over. I placed 16th after not finishing the last WOD do to a pulled lat muscle. This weekend was a challenge on many fronts. The workouts were only part of the hurt. I will be writing more about the event as I decompress from the weekend.

Thanks for all the support from Crossfit Central team roadies. Carey Kepler my sister took third place this year. I am proud of her! Crystal took 9th with a phenomenal showing from her.


Lion Heart said...

it's time to start doing the "impossible" everyday....the 2010 games qualifiers will be here before you know it!

Webster M. Smith said...

Count me in. We'll be there often.

JP said...

Good Job at the Games bro!!!

I'm really impressed with what your doing out there in Texas, with all the athletes you have representing.

When I head out there in Novemeber, I am going to have to what your doing different.

lisabender said...

I am proud of you - Next year's Games shirts c/o Joe.... "I believe in Jeremy Thiel"

Yogini said...

You sure do have heart and it says it all. Heal and recover your temple on all fronts real soon...
peace and liberation,

Atomic CrossFit Admin said...


Awesome performance at the games! You are a Texas hero!

Always a big fan,