Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Made the Switch

This Monday I made the switch to the paleo diet. I didn't really have to much to change except for a couple of yogurts a week and milk in my coffee. If I slip up and eat nachos my stomach might not like me but I wont beat my self up over it! : )

Breakfast 530am 5 whole eggs 14cherries
*super food drink

Snack 715am Green Tea on ice 1/2 cup of sun flower seeds 21cherries

Mid Morning Meal 10:00am 3/4 pound of chicken salad and a green apple.

Snack 12:00pm 1/4 pound of chicken salad

Lunch 200pm Steak and Asparagus (pic above)
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Melicious said...

At my house, we call it Dino-Chow. I've been at it now for 3 weeks. Down 3 lbs. ... 1.1% body fat... 5.75 inches... sleeping through the night like a champ. Love it!

Dallas said...

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