Monday, April 6, 2009

Crossfit Sucks

Thrash me once, thrash me twice, bring the pain! I am looking for loads, times, distances, constantly varied at High High intensities.

Whats the hardiest Crossfit Workout you have ever done?
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Clif said...

I'd say my first time doing Grace. I've always been naturally strong, so getting the weight up a lot wasn't the problem, but my metcon was really weak at the time. It was one of my first crossfit workouts off the couch, and I think I was at around 26 reps in 4 minutes. The last 4 reps were the hardest thing I've ever done. My heart literally almost exploded.

Jeremy Thiel said...

nice! those last few reps can be the hardest and most rewarding!

Keep it up Clif!

Clif said...

Haha, yeah. I just did those 30 reps again today with in-and-outs. Every rep felt easy, but the in-and-outs were a bitch! One more thing to work on, I guess.

Darren Ellis said...

Before this weekend I would have said Painstorm #XXI, but final workout at the Australasian Qualifiers was a 1200 metre sand dune run, with part of it steep enough to have to crawl up! I somehow managed 4th place with 12:26. Legs were on fire the whole time.

Jeremy Thiel said...

you were damn close to placing. What got you in that first wod?

Great work!

TheWhit said...

"Angie" She kills me everytime!! Everytime I do her it gets harder instead of easier!!! Oh pull ups :)

Greg said...

That's easy, the last one.

Darren said...

Thanks J. Yeah I've only been dreaming about those 65 seconds for the last few days! :)

It was the ring dips that let me down. Banged the first set out no problem. But dropped to broken sets for final 2 rounds. Then that affected my jerks (shouldn't have if my technique was better!). Went slower than I had in practice so not happy.

But I'll be there to cheer you on at Aromas!

Grace said...

All CrossFit WODs always get me down on the floor!

Hey, Jeremy....I'll be rooting for the Texan Fire Breather in Aromas again this year !

Your Texas Neighbor