Saturday, April 11, 2009

Are you the One?

Moving with ease....doing the unthinkable.....being the ONE!

Everybody is the ONE in their own lives. The question: Do you move through life with ease? Do you believe you're the ONE in your own life?

I am the One


Alicia said...

What a timely question Jeremy- I believe I am becoming The One in my life. I am living my life of intention with the help of Kirk as he challenges me daily to be the best me I can be.

Christine White said...

It's east to believe what you want to believe about your life and not make the decision to face obstacles or the hard reality but give me the red pill! I want the truth.

Important to not be stagnant and realize that we can all be better. Make the choices everyday that make you The One.

Megan Parsons said...

Give me the red pill. It's the bumps in the road, the random encounters, the digging deep inside that push me to step up and see what I capable of achieving.

In all honesty, I question my strength of being The One. My fear of failure hinders my ability to achieve greatness. Step 1- I am realizing this. Step 2- moving forward daily.

Thank you for sending the video clips to the team.

Nicole said...

Red Pill please!! I AM THE ONE. It's a feeling and a sense of being...of knowing, like knowing with all certainty that my name is Nicole.

I don't have to completely understand the how or why yet...I just know. ;)

Alex Janss said...
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Alex Janss said...

The red pill or the the blue pill????......
The journey to becoming "the one" did not start with Neo's choice to take the "red pill" it started when the question was asked..."The Red pill or the Blue pill."

The blue pill leaves us with a life that we are comfortable with, full of habits, and "going through the motions." You can just sit there and live in ignorance and become a cog in the machinery of the universe. Things happen to you for better or worse. You exist without meaning and live your life rather than experience it. What is the purpose of living an ignorant existence?
The red pill is an unknown it symbolizes risk, doubt and questioning. When you stop and question your drives and actions you start to "Become the ONE in your life." I believe that you should never stop asking "what if" and "why." As randy Paush said "never lose that child-like wonder. It is to important. It is what drives us."
So... I choose the red pill and all that comes with it because I want to experience life.

I believe I am becoming the One in my life. No not everyday but there are more and more moments in my life when I step back and i am brought to wonder and awe. I believe with each day those moments increase and it is because of those moments that I realize i am experiencing life rather than living it. Like Megan i have the fear of failure but the acknowledgment of this weakness will help my pursuit towards becoming the ONE.

Randal Setzler said...

The red pill. I want to see how far the rabbit trail goes. I want to see what myself and each and every one of us are capable of individually and collectively.
I do believe I am THE ONE.
But I, like Meg& Alex), question my strenght. I fight my weakness with bumper plates, certifications, and WODs. I work towards growth and achieving full potential. I am sculpting character. ..To become The One.

mountainrange said...
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mountainrange said...
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mountainrange said...

I'm with Randal....Let's go further down the rabbit hole.

Check this out:

mountainrange said...

Too abstract? More to the point: