Monday, November 24, 2008

Travel with me

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is to look back at all the experiences I have had. I wanted to list some accomplishments and experiences and write a few lessons I learned along the way. Listen to Explosion in the Sky and make your own list!
1. Opened Crossfit Central in a 3,500 sq ft facility with my family and best friends
2. Found the woman of my dreams
3. Placed third at the Crossfit Games July 5th and 6th
4. Lance Cantu moved to Austin
5. 200+ of the best clients in the world
6. 100% credit card debt free (still owe on my pretty little Land Rover/pay off in 09)
7. Found Jesus Christ in a whole new light
*Not in order of importance
Some lessons learned
1. Calm down, no really calm down and go with the flow
2. If you always get what you want it takes a whole lot of patience
3. It is a great thing to have strong women around you
4. Pain is relative
5. All the good things in my life don't have to come through pain
6. People think I am weird, obnoxious, too loud, too intense and that's ok
7. Women and men really do speak different languages even when they speak the same language. Who would of known?

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