Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lean Turkey 2008

Lean Turkey Challenge is an event developed by Crossfit Central to motivate all participants to tighten up on there training and food regiment over a six week period.After the six weeks all teams will meet up for a team challenge workout. So here is the way it works: 70 members signed up via email and were placed in a male or female pool. Each coach drew a number from one to eleven for there lottery selection order. I picked number one! After each coach picked there number we all took turns drawing members out of a bowl. Each coached selected back and forth between male and females to form there team of 6 + the coach a total of 7 participants. After the teams were drawn individual goals are set, team practices are scheduled and each team prepares for the Challenge workout on November 22nd!

My team name is Los Muertos (The Dead!) All of the other Crossfit Central Lean turkeys Teams should be scared very scared!


Lion Heart said...

hook a brother up with one of them shirts!

Jeremy Thiel said...

I will order extra! Large or Extra L?