Monday, June 9, 2008

Looking Back 2007 Crossfit Games

Last year at the Crossfit Games I placed 6th over all. I was demolished in the Hopper... hung in there on the 5k and finished strong with the Total. Coming into the 2007 games I was not ready to compete on the level I was asking of my body. I was working 60 to 80 hours a week. I was squeezing workouts in when ever I could and my diet was zone friendly but very inconsistent with timing. In the first hopper I ripped off all of my calluses and did not finish the workout before the twenty minute time limit. On the off road hilly 5k I was wearing nike frees that virtually dont count as real shoes. I was slipping and sliding all over the trail. I was able to finish around 15th or 16th place. By Sunday Rhabdo started to set into my forearms biceps and shoulders 7 days later after the games my arms straightened out and my pull ups went down to 0. So when the total came around I could hardly hold on to the bar with my hands and the weight of the deadlift had to straighten my arms. To say the least I dont know how I completed the 2007 games but I did and saved face by not quiting. To say the least 2008 will be different!


Lion Heart said...

word up son!

Kenna said...

you got almost have stigmata thing going on...ouch!