Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Revolution

The revolution won't be televised but it might be YOUTUBED! The emerging change that is occurring in the fitness industry is not hiding anymore. Crossfit.Com is a counter culture movement to the traditional fitness industry. CrossFit is widely discovered through online search or word of mouth from friends and family. It has been online for six years & spreading like wild fire amongst online communities. Muscle and Fitness will feature an article this month on Andy Petranek's program, Crossfit LA, and take CrossFit one step closer to main stream. The best thing to come from this article is that the masses will be introduced to intensity and safe effective PAIN!
Tipping Point

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Chris said...

I agree that something very interesting could happen as a result of the MF article. In fact, that is the exact reason I am at your site today via MF.com > crossfit.com > crossfitcentral.com > google search...prior to this exposure, I was just as curious regarding the unconventional training techniques as I researched the training of the Spartan 300. I believe that was the original tipping point origin. Parkour could play into it, but it is further from public view than crossfit.