Tuesday, January 15, 2008

530 - 630am Tuesday Thursday Boot Camp

Kelly H(located dead center)
I started dabbling in triathlon after my daughter was born and discovered my strongest discipline was running. So I concentrated on that, running my first half marathon last year. This year, to celebrate my50th birthday, I am training for my first full, the AT&T next month

Erin (located left of center from Kelly H.)

I am happy to be in my second week of boot camp. It's a supportive and encouraging environment, and I have already noticed a positive change in my endurance and energy throughout the day. My goal is to join my former teammates in a sprinting length triathlon at the beginning of Fall.

Merrily P(far right)click to see whole story

I started running in June and since September I have done three 5K runs (reduced my time from 29:04 to 27:46) and I’m planning/training to run the AT&T Half Marathon in February (just hoping to finish!) and the Capitol 10,000. Most of all, boot camp, the indoor class and running are absolutely the best stress relievers in the world!

Lea H(far left all black)

I have been attending Boot Camp for 1.5 years now...it is the best thing I could have ever done. I have always been a runner and I just needed more...Boot camp gives me my "More"! I am running the Huntington Beach Half Marathon on Feb.. 3rd. I am recovering from an injury so I want to be more careful in this half marathon than those of the past. This will be my 8th half marathon.

Laura M(bottom left)

Since Oct 14 2007, I have been doing The Zone. I've lost 8 pounds, and lost 8% body fat. I've raced five 5K races, and my time has gone down by 55 sec. I'll be running the 5K-10K Austin Runners Club Challenge this spring, which is a series of 5K and 10Ks starting in March through May. I really want to get my time down another minute!

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